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When it comes to dark fiber, lit fiber, on net building or off net build we have all the best options in one place. We partner with every major fiber provider in every major city in the world to keep your growing enterprise covered. From 1Mbps to 100Gbps you won’t find a shortage of options in our portfolio. With an average fiber build cost of $0, let’s talk about how we can build speed and scalability into your network.

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Voice Services

Shamrock Consulting has all of your analog line, PRI, local, long distance, toll free and conference needs. With over 100 telecommunication providers, we can negotiate the best rates for all of your offices anywhere in the world. Additionally, speak with your Shamrock representative about your new PBX, custom voice application and Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) needs.

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Hosted PBX & SIP

SIP has changed the way companies communicate. With sharing of trunk resources, lower termination costs, and seamless failover capabilities, SIP has enabled businesses to operate with better uptime’s at a fraction of the cost of TDM technology. Whether you’re a single location company, a call center or a multi national enterprise we can custom tailor a SIP solution to your needs.

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MPLS, VPLS, IP VPN, and Private Line are all options in WAN (Wide Area Network) design. You will find huge variances in product sets, pricing and redundancy options from one carrier to the next. Shamrock specializes in designing the best WAN in the business by custom tailoring solutions that will beat out the competition in scalability, speed, reliability and price.

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When it comes to moving the compute power of your organization into an offsite facility, setting up secure disaster recovery, or setting up low latency centers for your applications, we have the ability to build comparisons for every major data center or internet exchange in the world. Ask Shamrock Consulting about geographic redundancy, monitoring and management, high density power, hybrid cloud, and utilizing Content Delivery Networks.

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Free your enterprise from the liability of end of life equipment, maintenance costs, and downtime. The cloud offers virtually unlimited resources and scalability with the click of a mouse. Free up your IT department from mindless tasks and endless repair cycles. Focus on visionary projects to make your company more profitable. Ask your Shamrock Consulting rep about a free roadmap to bring your company into the cloud. See our “6 Reasons to Move to the Cloud.”

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Internet Access

Shamrock Consulting Group offers every type of connectivity option from every major carrier in the world. We cover all of your bases in offering: DSL, Cable, T1, NxT1, Ethernet over Copper (EOC), Fixed Wireless (Microwave, lazer, WIMAX), DS3, OC-x, Fiber Ethernet, and Dark Fiber.

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Multiple voice, data and mobile services mean multiple contracts, circuit IDs, billing account numbers, passwords, phone numbers, etc. Fluctuating costs become impossible to manage because phone bills are designed to be difficult to understand. Shamrock Consulting has Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solutions to help you manage all of your communications costs. Our inventory portal can manage multiple providers and vendors for all of your locations.

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Shamrock Consulting Group is your experienced partner in designing PCI compliant networks that stay up and running with 100% uptime. Whether your goal is to give your sales reps the freedom of mobile card swipe terminals that tie in directly with your accounting and inventory, to have primary and secondary internet links for redundancy or to lower the burdening costs of merchant services, Shamrock Consulting Group has the right solution for you.

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Creating a formalized process only ensures the best pricing and terms possible. An RFP (Request for Proposal) is also good for your brand – it shows the market that you take a careful, methodical, and fair approach when making important business decisions. Shamrock can not only design and write your next RFP, but can assist with the entire project through selection and installation.

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