About Us

Shamrock Consulting Group is a full service telecommunications and IT consulting firm. Headquartered in Hermosa Beach, California, Shamrock was formed to provide the customer with the best pricing, service, and support in the carrier industry. Whether you are a growing startup or global organization, Shamrock has the ability to scale services to not only meet but exceed your needs and expectations. Let’s face it – dealing with so many different carriers and contacts for phone, internet, hosting, and your network is not only a headache but is an inefficient way to spend your valuable time. With over 100 telecom and ISP carriers in our portfolio Shamrock takes away that problem with a single point of contact for anything you will ever need. From ordering local phone lines to designing a wireless backup network, Shamrock has a solution.

A few reasons to choose Shamrock Consulting Group:

• One relationship with Shamrock connects you to resources at multiple providers, deep industry knowledge and continuity over time

One team of experts no matter what the circumstance (move to another state, grow in size, etc.)

• We will know your network strategy, inventory, pricing, contract expirations, and people.

• We will work with you upon contract renewal for the best deal with same/new carriers.

We will introduce you to new technologies and solutions to improve your IT.

• Our guarantee is to find the best mix of price, reliability and service.

• We can present multiple solutions and walk you through the pros and cons as you decide what is best for your company.

• We will find you the best possible prices – guaranteed! We can optimize both cost to benefit and time to completion for your projects.