Dark / Metro Fiber

Fiber Ethernet

Whether you are looking to seamlessly support a large number of users, connect several offices together, or access the Internet quickly and reliably, business Ethernet services offer the high level of performance and consistency you need for your business. Shamrock Consulting Group partners with every major fiber provider in the world, offering services from 1Mbps to 100Gbps.

Nobody in the business has as much experience as Shamrock Consulting Group in getting fiber built out to business to deliver high speed, high reliability and low cost bandwidth for companies with the highest application demands. In addition to lit services, we also are a full service broker for Dark Fiber solutions.

Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber is a physically secure, private platform for dedicated bandwidth and cost-effective scaling. For companies that need major bandwidth, Dark Fiber provides physical security and complete control because you shape every aspect of your network. Shamrock Consulting Group partners with every major dark fiber provider in the US.


  • Complete control over network design, optronics and protocols
  • Virtually unlimited bandwidth
  • Strong ROI for companies that use substantial bandwidth


  • Dense national network of metro and intercity fiber reduces latency and increases availability of fully diverse paths
  • Existing assets accelerate delivery timeline by reducing construction

Flexibility and Expertise

  • Proven expertise in deploying major new Dark Fiber networks
  • Lease or IRU, multiple financing options (sometimes capitalizable)
  • Custom deal structures: dark and lit bundles, MRC ramps, Managed Fiber