Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Shamrock Consulting’s service providers unique software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform automates mobile management tasks and gives you a real-time, 360-degree view of your wireless environment.

  • Procure devices that are optimized

  • Maintain a clean, centralized inventory

  • Process invoices without an army of analysts

  • Gain unprecedented spend analytics


Shamrock service providers combine a powerful asset management platform with expert-driven savings services to help you achieve and maintain the highest-performing, lowest-cost wireline / wireless infrastructure.

Service delivery innovation gives our clients unmatched online tools, process visibility, and spend intelligence data.  These capabilities give our clients two main business benefits:

  1. Hard-dollar telecom expense reduction
    Indirect overhead control focuses on constant cost improvement. Our clients typically reduce their telecommunications expenses by twenty to forty percent. Our Service Providers use a software-based telecom audits, recurring contract compliance reviews, and optimization report actions to drive these impressive results.

  2. Process optimization through a total telecom cost management approach
    Decreasing telecom costs paid to vendors does not represent the whole of solution value. Through telecommunication technology-enabled automation our Service Providers leverage EDI / eBilling, review and approval workflow, vendor and service-type specific drill-downs, and A/P integration. These elements increase productivity, decrease labor effort, and allow you to maximize your return on human resources.

Shamrock Service Providers Services’ value-tapping solutions are geared to middle-market enterprises seeking to invigorate their telecom expense management efforts. Our portfolio of services includes business process outsourcing (BPO), telecommunication audit, procurement advisory, and wireless expense management. We strive to combine these solutions in a way that produces sustained results for your organization.

Managed Mobility Solutions (MMS)

Shamrock Consulting’s Managed Mobility Solution (MMS) transforms and unleashes the potential of the mobile environment through centralized management of the enterprise mobile estate. Comprised of critical technologies and services that optimize the entirety of an organization’s communications assets, expenses, and usage, MMS liberates end-users—providing the critical mobility expertise enterprises are unable or unwilling to address—and enables the transformation of business processes to increase productivity and revenue opportunities.

Our Service Providers MMS offering is broken down into five critical capabilities that encompass the entire communications lifecycle:

  1. Advise: Helps organizations examine multiple aspects of their communications lifecycle and make strategic, well informed decisions on how best to minimize costs, maximize visibility, ensure security, and increase user productivity.

  2. Activate: Enables formal methodologies that result in only approved devices being provisioned, support for relevant liability and expense management models, and the organization’s adherence to mobile policies and practices.  Includes expanded forward logistics capabilities including installation, staging, testing, activation, and group deployments.

  3. Manage: Monitors and protects thousands of mobile devices, their data, and applications regardless of type, carrier, or operating system, allowing organizations to more effectively manage applications, enforce security and policy compliance, secure content management, protect the enterprise persona with containerization, monitor device usage by geo-location, and authenticate network access for authorized users.

  4. Expense: Helps to ensure that the organization pays the contracted rate for mobile services utilized while simultaneously examining cost and usage patterns to optimize and discover additional, ongoing savings.

  5. Support: Provides 24×7, follow-the-sun, multi-level support for the mobile workforce, enabling increased end-user satisfaction, optimized mobility productivity, and visibility into mobile expense management.  Support services also include enhanced reverse logistics support and the ability to replace and recycle mobile devices.