Your network keeps employees, customers, and suppliers communicating and connected to the applications and data they need in today’s dynamic business environment. That network needs to meet your requirements for scalability, security, andreach – locally and globally. Shamrock Consulting Group can design wide area networks for any size, any budget, anywhere.


Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)

Choosing between an Internet-based or private telecommunications network solution for your voice, video and data traffic can be complex, but if you need security and advanced service management features, then an MPLS/IP VPN is the better choice. MPLS/IP VPN service is designed to deliver a secure, private any-to-any service over a dedicated Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network. Carrier MPLS backbones gives you the ability to converge and prioritize traffic, so critical applications like voice and video are not compromised by less time-sensitive applications such as email. You can access this high-performance service over Fiber or traditional TDM connections. The MPLS/IP VPN service is a cost-effective alternative to legacy technologies, providing high levels ofprivacy, security, reliability and performance, while leveraging the scalability of a global infrastructure.

MPLS/IP VPN Service Benefits

Inherently secure networking environment over a dedicated MPLS core backbone

Grow and expand your business by leveraging our portfolio of carriers with extensive national and international reach

Improve application performance by prioritizing network traffic and allocating bandwidth according to usage and   service requirements

Connect to cloud applications with increased reliability and security

Bandwidth on demand to ensure you have the speed your applications and users need for efficiency and productivity

Use existing hardware, applications and technologies; integration can be seamless and worry-free



Enterprise-wide connectivity is critical to ensure your employees, customers, and suppliers can communicate effectively. Shamrock Consulting Group designs VPLS networks that allow users in multiple locations to communicate and collaborate over a fully meshed, private, secure layer 2 network. Whether you are building a multimedia communications fabric comprising voice or video, or interconnecting regional or global work centers, Shamrock Consulting Group knows you need a trusted partner that can provide a scalable, cost-effective and broad-reaching solution foryour network.

VPLS Benefits

Inherently secure networking environment over a dedicated private layer 2 core backbones

Enterprise-wide connectivity over a full-mesh Ethernet transport service provides seamless WAN-LAN convergence

End-to-end control of WAN switching, routing and protocol decisions

Global reach supports your international expansion plans with simple site adds

Nearly limitless solution possibilities with purpose-built Ethernet services that provide flexible Class of Service (CoS) levels, and VLAN tagging

Bandwidth on-demand ensures you have the speed your applications and users need for efficiency and productivity