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We take the guesswork out of technology procurement.

Our Mission

Shamrock exists as a trusted ally to enterprise IT leaders responsible for making the most difficult and sensitive decisions related to technology procurement.

We provide comprehensive and objective analysis at no cost to our customers, helping you make the right decisions on any product from any provider at the guaranteed best price.

Our Purpose

It’s no secret: the process of technology procurement for business is broken.

Does this story sound familiar?

You’re an enterprise IT leader who is responsible for everything that goes on in your company’s mission critical infrastructure. You’ve got hundreds or thousands of interconnected devices and applications that must function in perfect harmony, every single day. If they don’t, you’re dealing with an unhappy staff, executives breathing down your neck and a pile of work to do. Worst part is, even if it’s not your fault, it’s still your problem to fix.

You’re working with services and infrastructure tied to multiple providers, meaning multiple sales reps vying for your business and multiple contracts with different terms and pricing. So, what happens when an issue arises? Hint: a lot of finger pointing and arguing, but rarely a resolution.

That’s where Shamrock comes in.

Our experts are battle-tested across thousands of products and projects related to telecommunications, cloud, wide area networks and data centers, and we understand the many challenges that IT leaders face on a daily basis. We’re here to help you make informed decisions and get the best pricing and contract terms available.

We believe that improving your network shouldn’t be an exercise in futility. You know what you need, and we help you get it for the guaranteed best price.

No hordes of reps. No messy contracts. No more guesswork or headaches!

Our Core Principles

Fiduciary Duty  We operate with an inherent responsibility to earn and grow the trust of all our customers. As a part of our Shamrock family, you trust us to always act in your best interest, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Quality, Not Quotas  We don’t measure success by quota attainment or gross profit of transactions like other agencies. Instead, our consultants are judged by the quality of analysis and deliverables they provide to you. Our ability to win customer loyalty across multiple projects and timelines is what distinguishes us from the rest.

Best Price Guarantee  We create a competitive environment between providers to bid for your business, ensuring that you’re always getting the best price. And because we operate with complete neutrality throughout the procurement process, our recommendations are based on experience and careful analysis, not on any obligations to the providers.

Objectivity & Transparency   It may sound too good to be true, but it is true: we offer nearly all of our services to you, the customer, free of charge. How? Because the providers pay us.

Our model has been meticulously planned to ensure we have zero quotas and nearly identical commissions from all of the 250+ providers in our portfolio. A consultancy is only as good as the solutions and strategies it produces, and we don’t play favorites. We only get paid when you get what you want.

Paul Cooney
President & Founder

Areas of Expertise

We facilitate procurement, onboarding and adoption for thousands of products related to the following:


Wide Area Networking (WAN) & Connectivity

Colocation / Data Center

Cloud (Public, Private, Hybrid)


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Top IT leaders trust Shamrock as their single resource for all connectivity needs. Our experts develop a deep understanding of your corporate strategy, inventory, current pricing, contract expirations and people to deliver customized solutions for any medium to large enterprise at the guaranteed best price.