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Domo Business Cloud Advantages: Business Analytics, Distribution & Reporting

As businesses continue to compile vast amounts of data from a myriad of different sources such as in-house employees, third party apps, software programs, point-of-sale machines and connected devices, one of their primary tasks has been finding the best way to make sense of all the numbers. Until recently, most companies have treated analytics data…
Ben Ferguson
March 1, 2018

9 Ways to Improve Call Center Functionality on a UCaaS Platform

Call center businesses all over the world are catching on to the huge benefits available when they switch from their current on-premise or cloud call center environment to a fully-fledged UCaaS platform. With all telecom services (VoIP, business SMS, video, fax, email and more) combined into one system, efficiency is immediately increased. However, apart from…
Ben Ferguson
February 20, 2018

SD WAN: 5 Functions Your Business Should Virtualize

If you have recently implemented a Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD WAN), or are still considering your migration options, the concept of network function virtualization (NVF) may still be a new one for you. And with so many networking hardware components now able to be switched out for virtualized alternatives, it can be difficult…
Ben Ferguson
January 23, 2018
Microsoft Azure Cloud

7 Ways to Save Costs in Azure

Microsoft Azure, and cloud computing in general, has revolutionized the way developers and organizations utilize software and IT architecture. It has given users unprecendented access to virtually unlimited computing power and storage, on an as-needed basis. Although cloud resources are more affordable than in-house built alternatives, it doesn't guarantee that you are making economical use…
Ben Ferguson
January 11, 2018