Microsoft Azure Consulting Services

With over 100 different services and a 90% market share on Fortune 500 customers who run the Microsoft Cloud, Azure is a force to be reckoned with in the cloud.

Azure is unquestionably one of the top cloud service providers, offering options for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. They have a lot of key features, one of our favorites being Azure’s seamless integration with Active Directory, which is the absolute gold standard across enterprises.

Azure Key Features for Cloud Migration

Data Resiliency


BCDR Integration

Capacity Planning

Single-Pane Operability


Certified Azure Partner

Shamrock is a Certified MS Azure Partner, offering expert consulting services at the guaranteed best price.

We’ll help you maximize your Azure experience and take your business to the next level by designing, deploying and managing scalable infrastructure and application-based solutions.

We’ll even facilitate your migration from your on-prem or environment or from another cloud provider to Azure, in whatever capacity you choose.


Azure Consulting Experts

Whether you’re looking to migrate to Azure, better manage your current Azure environment, or expand your capabilities within Azure, Shamrock can help.

We’re top rated Azure consultants for a reason – because we’re a team of vendor-neutral, award-winning cloud experts who always act in the best interests of our clients, and we always guarantee the best price on Azure products and services.

Shamrock is the market leader in Azure cost reduction, Azure migration services, Azure ExpressRoute direct connects and much more. Get your free Azure consultation today and find out how you can join the list of enterprise clients who’ve saved an average of 35% on overall cloud expenditure with Shamrock.


Why Work with Anyone Else on Your Azure Deployments?

Shamrock offers industry-leading value, with services including:

Enterprise-Level Support
Cloud Cost Management Software
Application Migration Support
Architecture Reviews
Net 30-Day Billing Options
Avg Savings: 25-35%


Azure Key Product Categories


Cloud Database

Cloud Migration

Cloud Storage

Cloud Cost Management


Design Workshop

Hybrid Cloud Orchestration

Internet of Things (IOT)

Machine Learning (ML)

Media Services

Network and Content delivery

Azure Regions

Take your applications global with Azure’s robust number regions (the most of any other cloud provider), and let Shamrock get you there at the lowest price guaranteed.

Azure ExpressRoute

If you’re looking for a fast, secure and reliable connection over a fully private connection, Shamrock can get you started with Azure ExpressRoute.

Get a cloud direct connect with Azure ExpressRoute from any business or data center location, anywhere in the world, at any speed (10Mbps – 100Gbps), for the guaranteed best price. Only with Shamrock.

Shamrock customers save an average of 35% with Azure

Top CIOs and other IT decision makers rely on Shamrock to help them achieve their business objectives within Azure. As a Certified Azure Partner, Shamrock will ensure that your Azure solutions will always be expertly designed, deployed, migrated and managed for the guaranteed best price.

Shamrock is a Certified Azure Partner, so your Azure solutions will always expertly designed, deployed, migrated and managed for the guaranteed best price.

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