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10 Reasons Why IT Leaders Love CrowdStrike Endpoint Protection


When it comes to protecting your network and your users from hackers, it’s always best to be ahead of the curve. That’s where a little company (not so little anymore, actually) hailing from Sunnyvale, California, comes into play.

CrowdStrike has been lauded by industry experts around the world for their unbelievable ability to stay one step ahead of hackers and consistently detecting and foiling sophisticated cyber-attacks before they even begin.

As a CrowdStrike partner, the Shamrock team as a whole are big fans of the company’s cloud native endpoint protection platform. But don’t take our word for it – we’ve had hundreds of customers using CrowdStrike tell us how much they love the platform, and many of them have said that they have no idea how they ever lived without it.

That said, our business is built on providing options to our customers – and there are many options out there. But before you make any decisions about how your company plans to shore up the gaping holes left in your network by the hundreds (if not thousands) of remote users and their endpoints, here are ten reasons why CrowdStrike is the best of them all.


Ease of Use & Deployment

CrowdStrike has built a lightweight agent which can be quickly and easily installed onto your endpoint devices. Even your least tech savvy team members will be able to get up and running quickly and with minimal drain on their device memory and compute resources.

Proven Strength in Proactive Detection

CrowdStrike endpoint protection has absolutely smashed the competition when it comes to proactive threat detection. Forrester has given the tool its highest score on MITRE’s benchmark ATT&CK® test, proving a real-world ability to spot incoming attacks.

For context, CrowdStrike Falcon came in with 69 proactive detections, nearly double that of its nearest competitors, Endgame (39) and Microsoft (37). And in a world where identifying a threat before it can harm your network is as important than ever, no one can hold a candle to CrowdStrike Falcon.

Piercing Visibility with AI Powered Threat Graph™ Technology

CrowdStrike leverages AI technology to crunch huge amounts of global threat-related data and build a powerful graph-based model called Threat Graph. Users of their endpoint protection product can query this cloud-based model via open APIs. This gives them valuable threat context, which ultimately leads to the next advantage…

Awesome Speed of Response & Remediation

This combination of lightweight, easy-to-use endpoint protection software and a powerful integration with a petabyte-crunching cloud-based threat model means your SOC can become a lean, mean, efficient protection machine.

Remote Working Experience

Unlike many of their competitors, CrowdStrike has proven the effectiveness of their technology for remote workers in the best way possible – by walking the walk. Around half of the company’s own workforce are remote workers and they are clearly enjoying it: Fortune Magazine has honored CrowdStrike with 3 separate “Best Workplace in Technology” awards since 2017.

When employees love working for the company in charge of your network’s endpoint protection, the end result is one of the best products on the market.


A Commitment to Hiring the Best

One advantage of having a strong remote workforce set up is that CrowdStrike can fulfil their commitment to only hiring the best people for the job, even if they are based halfway across the world.

For customers, this means that they can be confident that the tech they install and the service they receive will always be best in class. No exceptions.

Strong Financial Base

CrowdStrike is not another ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ flash in the pan tech startup. In 2019, the company launched its IPO and is now estimated to be worth around $11b. This bodes well for future product and service development.

A Track Record in Exposing Real Global Threats

If you feel like you’ve heard the name ‘CrowdStrike’ before, you probably have. They have been involved in investigating some of the highest profile cybercrimes in the world. These have included the Sony hack, the 2016 Democratic Committee email leaks and the alleged interference of Russian cybercriminals in Ukrainian military software.

Simply put, the experts at CrowdStrike have seen it all and they’ve been brought in to assist with the highest levels of cyber threats. Just imagine how that kind of experience can translate to protecting your network.


Industry-Leading Threat Intelligence

Real-world experience and powerful threat detection technology has put CrowdStrike in the enviable position of holding a lot of advanced threat detection intel. They regularly provide community updates on types of attack, their prevalence, vulnerable industries and global actors; their annual Global Threat Report is always worth a read.

CrowdStrike’s team stays on top of every potential threat there is, so you don’t have to.

Managed Services Available for Under-Resourced Teams

Finally, if you lack the skills within your team to effectively deal with security threats to the level you’d like, CrowdStrike offers a fully managed service, Falcon Complete, to do everything for you.

Ready to Roll with CrowdStrike? We Guarantee the Lowest Price

There are a lot options when it comes to deploying CrowdStrike endpoint protection for your business. The Shamrock team can walk you through each of these, giving you advice tailored to your business model.

And, thanks to our close-knit partnership with CrowdStrike, we’ve negotiated the most favorable rates in the industry. Seriously – we’ve already procured thousands of licenses for our customers at discounts of as much as 30, 40 and 50 percent below market rates.

Protecting your end users and their devices – and in turn, protecting your network from hacks targeted at them – is as vital a move as an IT leader can make. So give us a call – our services are free and our expertise is second to none.

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Ben Ferguson

Ben Ferguson

Ben Ferguson is the Vice President and Senior Network Architect for Shamrock Consulting Group, an industry leader in digital transformation solutions. Since his departure from Biochemical research in 2004, Ben has built core competencies around cloud direct connects and cloud cost reduction, enterprise wide area network architecture, high density data center deployments, cybersecurity and Voice over IP telephony. Ben has designed hundreds of complex networks for some of the largest companies in the world and he’s helped Shamrock become a top partner of the 3 largest public cloud platforms for AWS, Azure and GCP consulting. When he takes the occasional break from designing networks, he enjoys surfing, golf, working out, trying new restaurants and spending time with his wife, Linsey, his son, Weston and his dog, Hamilton.

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