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      CIO Review Awarded Shamrock as “20 Most Promising AWS Solution Providers” for 2019

      We are proud to announce that Shamrock has been recognized by CIO Review at one of the “20 Most Promising AWS Solution Providers” for 2019! Check out the article on how our AWS solutions are changing the game for IT decision makers around the globe.
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      Shamrock & Google Come Together to Talk Cloud Computing
      News Press Release
      Insight Success: Shamrock Consulting Group: The 10 Most Innovative Telecom Solution Providers 2018
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            Whether you’re looking to migrate to AWS, better manage your current AWS environment, or expand your capabilities within AWS, Shamrock can help.

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            We’ll help you maximize your Azure experience and take your business to the next level by designing, deploying and managing scalable infrastructure and application-based solutions. We’ll even facilitate your migration from your on-prem or environment or from another cloud provider to Azure, in whatever capacity you choose.

            Shamrock is a Certified MS Azure Partner, offering expert consulting services at the guaranteed best price.

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            Google’s Partner Network is one of the most prestigious in the industry, and Shamrock is honored to be a part of it. As a Google Partner, Shamrock is your go-to resource for support in GCP. We provide free 24/7 US-based support, migration support, scalable solutions, cloud cost management and more within GCP, all for the guaranteed best price.

            Shamrock is the market leader in GCP cost reduction, GCP migration services, GCP Interconnect direct connects and much more.

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          Whether your company is premise-based, in a private cloud, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud, Shamrock has you covered. We’ll help you secure and easily monitor your environment in real-time to ensure proactive protection of your corporate IT environment. Join our growing list of Fortune 500, Fortune 100 and Fortune 50 customers and see why Shamrock is an industry leader in corporate security.

          Join our growing list of Fortune 500 and see why Shamrock is an industry leader in corporate security.

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          We’ve been recognized as an industry leader in data center sourcing and procurement on a global scale. We represent every major data center operator both domestically and globally, so no matter the size, scope or area of your needs, we’ve got you covered. With over 1,200 major networks, enterprises, and business partners available for interconnection and traffic exchange via direct cross connects, peering and Ethernet services

          We Sell Data Center Space!

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          Shamrock is an industry leader in provisioning cloud direct connects from any business or data center location, anywhere in the world, at any speed (10 Mbps to 100Gbps).

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          Our portfolio of services includes business process outsourcing (BPO), telecommunication audit, procurement advisory, and wireless expense management. We strive to produce sustained results for your organization.

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          Shamrock’s mobile cost management experts can help you drastically reduce your enterprise mobility costs without any provider or contract changes. Our technology uses patented algorithms and machine learning. The result: instant and tangible savings!

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          Shamrock Consulting provides Long Distance Services with cost-effective in-state, state-to-state, international and toll-free calling for businesses. International or Domestic Toll-Free Numbers, Conferencing Services, powerful cost-management options.

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          As industry-leading UCaaS consultants, Shamrock has negotiated direct partnerships with every major UCaaS provider to ensure that our clients receive the best possible solution at the best possible price. Guaranteed.

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        • 3-new-smallAnalog Line Consolidation

          Dynamically manage traffic pattern changes and get high-quality, reliable voice services that leverage your existing PBX investment. Pbx Service Providers, SIP Service, Pbx Pricing, Cloud Pbx and more.

          34% Average Cost Savings with Shamrock

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          The need to future proof your network has created an unprecedented demand for fiber to the premise. Dark Fiber, Fiber Ethernet, DS3, OC-x, Fixed Wireless (Microwave, lazer, WIMAX), Ethernet over Copper (EOC), T1, NxT1, Cable, DS, Shamrock Consulting Group has all of your options in one place.

          Let's Start With Understanding Your Internet Access Options!

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        • art2-1-new-smallInternet Access

          The need to future proof your network has created an unprecedented demand for fiber to the premise. Dark Fiber, Fiber Ethernet, DS3, OC-x, Fixed Wireless (Microwave, lazer, WIMAX), Ethernet over Copper (EOC), T1, NxT1, Cable, DS, Shamrock Consulting Group has all of your options in one place.

          Let's Start With Understanding Your Internet Access Options!

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        • art8-new-smallPrivate WAN (MPLS / VPLS)

          Global enterprises, financial institutions, the largest networks and the Internet’s foremost content companies trust us with what matters most to them—their information assets. Shamrock Consulting Group can design wide area networks for any size, any budget, anywhere.

          Let's Start With Understanding Your WAN Objectives!

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        • art3-new-smallDark Fiber

          We partner directly with every major Dark Fiber providers in the U.S., Europe and Asia-Pacific. We also work with cities and municipalities such as Los Angeles County, Orange County, the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City and elsewhere to find you the best possible solution at the guaranteed best price.

          Looking for fiber providers in your area?

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          As top-rated SD WAN consultants who partner directly with every leading SD WAN provider in the industry, Shamrock is committed to helping you make well-informed procurement decisions at the guaranteed best price. We offer a free consultation to identify the best solution for your needs and budget.

          Considering an SD-WAN solution for your company?

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        • crowd-strikeCrowdstrike EDR/MDR

          As a CrowdStrike partner, the Shamrock team as a whole are big fans of the company’s cloud native endpoint protection platform. But don’t take our word for it – we’ve had hundreds of customers using CrowdStrike tell us how much they love the platform, and many of them have said that they have no idea how they ever lived without it.

          Licensing discounts of up to 50 percent below market rates.

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        • penntesting-v2Penetration Testing

          We’ve formed deep partnerships with the most trustworthy cybersecurity vendors in the industry, and we guarantee the best price from every single one of them. Black, White & Gray Box Testing, Cloud Pentesting, Mobile & Web App Pentesting, Wireless Pentesting, Physical Pentesting, Client-Side Pentesting. In addition to pentesting, we can also help you out with next-generation firewalls, endpoint protection and corporate email security.
          Schedule Your Free Pentest Analysis.

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        • vulnerability-testingVulnerability Management

          We take a look at some great security solutions that achieve real time visibility into all aspects of a corporate network, even reaching the most remotely deployed endpoints. If you’re interested (and you probably should be), Shamrock Consulting Group can secure these cutting-edge tools for you at the best prices.

          We can offer the best prices on CrowdStrike products and can also provide a free security assessment.

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        • ngfwNGFW & Software Defined Perimeter

          How can companies be both agile and secure in these unprecedented times? For help with empowering your WFH teams with the tools and processes they need, speak to a Shamrock consultant today.

          Our strategic partners are comprised of the very best in the industry from a security standpoint (Trustwave, AlertLogic, CrowdStrike, Fortinet, PaloAlto, Carbon Black, etc.).

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        • cloud-security-smallCloud Security

          Whether your company is premise-based, in a private cloud, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud, Shamrock has you covered. We’ll help you secure and easily monitor your environment in real-time to ensure proactive protection of your corporate IT environment.

          Join our growing list of Fortune 500 and see why Shamrock is an industry leader in corporate security.

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    • biotech-telecom-consulting-v2Biotech

      Safeguard Proprietary, Mission Critical Data Whether its R&D for a world changing innovation or straightforward emails to accounting, Shamrock provides a comprehensive suite of security services – including Managed Firewall, Intrusion Detection/Prevention, and Vulnerability Scanning – to ensure that your organization’s data is safeguarded and kept out of the wrong hands.

      Let's Start With Understanding Your Biotech Telecom Objectives!

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    • real-estate-construction-cloud-solutionsConstruction & Development

      Whether you are looking to increase network uptime, reduce operational expenses, or build a next generation global development company, Shamrock Consulting Group has turnkey solutions tailored to the needs of the Construction and Development industry at guaranteed best rates.

      Let's Start With Understanding Your Telecom Objectives for Construction & Development sites!

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    • finance-cloud-solutionsFinance

      Shamrock Consulting Group’s Financial Services practice offers customers robust custom architected network, cloud, data center, and unified communications solutions that provide the security, compliance, and uptime their organizations require to function on a day-to-day basis.

      Let's Start With Understanding Your Financial Organization's Telecom Objectives!

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    • healthcare-cloud-solutionsHealthcare

      Shamrock has cross-disciplinary knowledge of healthcare-specific IT apps. Shamrock has extensive rural network design and build experience. In addition to 100+ partners, Shamrock has experience, connections and industry tools to identify, design to, spec, procure and project manage complex multi-vendor deployments. Healthcare institutions, financial institutions, the largest networks and the Internet’s foremost content companies trust us with what matters most to them—their information assets.

      Let's Start With Understanding Your Healthcare Telecom Objectives!

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    • media-entertainment-cloud-solutionsMedia & Entertainment

      Whether you are looking to increase network uptime, reduce operational expenses, or build a next-generation global studio, Shamrock Consulting Group has turnkey solutions tailored to the needs of the Media and Entertainment industry at guaranteed best rates. Nobody delivers more connectivity solutions to Media and Entertainment companies than Shamrock Consulting Group!

      300+ Media and Entertainment Customers Served!

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    • retail-cloud-solutionsRetail / Restaurant

      Shamrock Consulting Group offers its retail customers the best-fit, access technologies at each of their sites to ensure complete coverage and uptime at low costs. We design solutions that provide PCI-compliant security for credit card transactions and support for data communications for key retail applications—including point-of-sale, back-office systems, training, and digital video surveillance.

      Let's Start With Understanding Your Retail Business Operational Objectives!

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    • saas-cloud-solutionsSAAS Providers

      Whether you are looking to increase network uptime, reduce operational expenses, or build a next generation global Software as a Service Platform, Shamrock Consulting Group has turnkey solutions tailored to the needs of the SaaS Industry at guaranteed best rates. Low, Mid, and High-density data center options with robust connectivity options to extend service coverage all over the globe.

      Let's Start With Understanding Your SAAS Objectives!

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Your One-Stop Guide to Cyber Security Trends and Challenges


In the previous blog “Know Thy Enemy – Most Common Types of Malware & Password Attacks”, we talked about the different types of malware and password Attacks that can target your business. In this blog, we will delve further into the issue and discuss the emerging trends and challenges in cyber security.

Cybersecurity Trends:

The growing role of artificial intelligence (AI)

In the last decade, a bunch of evolving and emerging technologies have come together to revolutionize the way communication and networking works and paved the path for industry 4.0. Each of these technologies have opened up vistas of new business and social value opportunities, but I’ve also contributed to making security issues a lot more challenging to address. With our lives quite literally run by data and digital tools, these security threats pose a much greater danger than most of us even realize. As our technical prowess has improved, the tools and techniques of cybercrime have evolved as well. Criminals can now target any system in any part of the world sitting in their home and virtually any system connected to the Internet can become a victim. With rising success rates, criminals now have the audacity to target even the most secure corporations, financial institutions, private and public organizations, including attacks targeting entire governments and essential utilities. In order to stem the barrage of identity theft, financial loss, data breaches and more, companies and governments have come together to make a concerted attempt at developing AI tools and machine learning defense techniques capable of self-learning and evolution. These can help enterprises stay ahead of threats through timely prevention and/ or mitigation.

Applications of AI in cybersecurity:

Phishing Detection, Prevention and Mitigation

Phishing attacks have become the most common delivery mechanism for the range of devastating cyber-attacks targeting individuals and organizations. Recent data suggests that one in every 99 emails contain a phishing attack. As a response, organizations are increasingly employing AI and ML to identify and track more than 10,000 active phishing sources and respond to threats faster than human intervention. As the tools learn and evolve, AI and ML will be able to comprehend the different types of phishing campaigns and respond faster to prevent and mitigate attacks before they have a chance to put a dent in your organization’s defense posture.

Password Authentication

Password authentication continues to be widely popular despite the vulnerabilities arising from poor password hygiene and data breaches. Even innovations like biometric authentication are vulnerable and can be hacked. Developers are now concentrating on AI tools and techniques that make biometric authentication (body measurements and other physical human characteristics) more secure and accurate. Apple’s ‘Face ID’ is a prominent example of this kind of technology. It makes use of infra-red sensors and neural engines that develop sophisticated models of the user’s face and is capable of recognizing the user in different lighting and even physical changes, such as a different hairstyle or wearing a mask or a hat.

Network Security

Determining the right security policy for your enterprise network and mapping the organization’s network topography are time-consuming processes that are central to network security. AI tools are capable of significantly improving the speed of these processes through the observation and study of network traffic patterns and recommending relevant policies. This also plays a major role in freeing up the valuable time of security personnel who can then focus on other technological developments.

Vulnerability Management

Traditionally, security systems have been designed to react to security threats. Unfortunately, with evolving cybercrime techniques, the reactive process is just too slow to keep up with the threats. Security systems that make use of AI and ML proactively monitor all possible vulnerabilities in an organization’s network and are able to detect and prevent threats before they can touch the defenses. Cloud Security Solution can also go a long way in addressing vulnerability management.

Behavioral Analytics

Machine learning can leverage data gathered over time to create highly accurate user behavior patterns. If the user deviates from routine activities, the AI algorithm can kick in to flag and closely monitor suspicious activities. These can include anything from large purchases or financial transactions, a flurry of document downloads, accessing archives or other sensitive information, and even a sudden change in typing speed. The mechanism is advanced enough that it can even cut off the user from the network, if required.

The cyber security skills gap continues to grow

While the evolution of a range of technologies capable of defending organizations better from cyber-attacks is definitely something to be celebrated, the process continues to suffer from a striking cyber security skills gap. This has now become so entrenched that Forbes says that companies are being hindered from exploiting new opportunities. Data gathered over the last four years indicates that on average 70% of cybersecurity professionals agree that their organization is being significantly impeded by the cybersecurity skills shortage. Only 7% of cybersecurity professionals claim that their organization has improved its position relative to the cybersecurity skills shortage over the past few years with 45% claiming that things may have gotten worse while 48% believe in the status quo.

Rising cost of breaches

The skills shortage is adding to the vulnerabilities created by the remote work environments companies have been forced to adopt for the last year or so. These are traditionally more prone to breaches and in a recent report, IBM found that the shift to remote work led to more expensive data breaches that cost over $1 million more on average.

Unsurprisingly, data breaches in health care were the most expensive at $9.23 million, with the financial sector ($5.72 million) and pharmaceuticals ($5.04 million) following closely behind. Sectors like retail, media, hospitality, and the public sector also witnessed significantly higher costs compared to the previous year.

IBM agreed that security approaches empowered by AI, security analytics, and encryption significantly lowered costs with average savings for large companies ranging from $1.25 million to $1.49 million. Data breach costs were also reduced with hybrid cloud ($3.61 million) compared with cloud ($4.80 million) and private cloud ($4.55 million). Companies that employed zero trust strategies had, on average, reduced their costs by as much as $1.76 million compared to peers.

Key steps to improving cyber security posture for businesses:

Offer on-the-job training

Employees are the core complement of any security strategy. You need to empower them with the tools necessary for building needed security skill sets. Pay close attention to training processes and continuously evaluate and evolve to stay in sync with evolving threats and changing work environments.

Have a practice lab

Entry-level employees are often only trained for defensive cyber security. In order to improve their skill sets in offensive cybersecurity, you need to provide an environment (a practice lab) where they can focus on both breaking and fixing systems.

Connect with local universities

The skill gap is not going to disappear without active involvement from the industry. This means companies proactively looking for opportunities to share feedback on cybersecurity curriculum or holding positions on school boards. Organizations need to be involved at the grassroots in order to shape school curriculums that are actually capable of meeting industry skill demands.

Prioritize curiosity

Creating a culture of curiosity that fosters employee growth can go a long way in empowering employees to understand the industry better and even improve retention rates.

Vehicle hacking and Internet of Things (IoT) threats

Data from Fortune Business Insights shows that connected technologies and vehicles are on a healthy growth trajectory, with the connected car market predicted to grow to $48.77 billion by 2027. But cyber security risks remain rampant. According to a recent report by Cyber Survey, 37% of respondents were somewhat or very concerned about the cybersecurity and safety of connected cars. Another survey by Kelley Blue Book showed that 62% of U.S. consumers think connected cars will be hacked, even though interest in connected cars remained strong with 42% of respondents saying they want cars to be more connected (including 60% millennials).

vehicle hacking

Connected car technologies made the most use of Bluetooth (53%) followed by navigation systems (42%) and vehicle safety sensors (39%). Strikingly, another survey revealed that 51% of respondents either didn’t know or were unsure of what personal data is stored in their auto’s entertainment systems.

Vehicle hacking

While advancements in the automotive industry have been laser focused on smart vehicles, feature-rich OS have also acted to drastically expand the attack surface and platform-specific vulnerabilities are on the rise. User behaviors like customizing existing systems in order to install additional functionality has also served to make specific vehicular systems more vulnerable. Other threats include:

Vehicle hacks that are not limited to on-the-road vulnerabilities

Security vulnerabilities of smart vehicles are not limited to what is onboard. There are various other ways to collect data. Telematics businesses are a relevant example for this. These combine GPS technologies with advanced sensors to track multiple parameters such as speed, idling time, breaking and turning habits and more. As dynamic billing captures fixed expenditures, such as a device, and usage – telematics businesses can make a business opportunity out of changing invoices regularly. However, billing platforms are often targeted by hackers for sensitive information such as customer and financial data. In order to stay safe businesses should look for recurring billing platforms that are PCI Level 1 compliant.

Cybersecurity Challenges:

Challenges in mobile device management and security

Use of personal devices to access corporate data

At most organizations, especially with the culture of remote work, it is common practice for employees to regularly use their personal devices to access corporate data hosted on cloud systems such as Cloud Direct Connect. Unfortunately, most employees fail to observe the same kind of stringent security practices on personal devices as they do on office systems. This leads to very high security vulnerabilities and cybersecurity challenges. These devices can serve as an entry point for malware and viruses trying to gain illicit access to corporate networks. Also once a system is affected, it becomes easy for it to infect other systems on the network.

Using public or other insecure Wi-Fi to access business networks

Your employees may not even realize the dangers that come from accessing business networks through public ‘free’ Wi-Fi such as those found in coffee shops or public libraries. This leaves business networks open to attacks from hackers using an insecure Wi-Fi connection to exploit vulnerabilities, gain access to the network and commit data or credentials theft.

Unsafe operating systems

A huge number of mobile devices are not updated regularly with operating system releases. This leads to vulnerabilities in mobile device security. These devices become vulnerable to security threats that are patched in the later versions.

Lost devices

With devices increasing in numbers and decreasing in size, portable devices can be easily lost or stolen. Unfortunately, physical misplacement of mobile devices also leads to complete loss of control of the data stored on that device or accessed using it. This is why it’s critical for organizations to have the ability to encrypt corporate data, and remotely lock and wipe employee devices.

Lack of monitoring

Monitoring and management of mobile devices is inherently challenging. The large number of mobile devices used to connect to corporate networks also makes this more difficult. Hackers always try to cover their tracks, and spotting anomalies in such a complicated environment isn’t easy. This is why it’s imperative for organizations to invest in the right mobile device management solutions.

Ben Ferguson

Ben Ferguson is the Vice President and Senior Network Architect for Shamrock Consulting Group, an industry leader in digital transformation solutions. Since his departure from Biochemical research in 2004, Ben has built core competencies around cloud direct connects and cloud cost reduction, enterprise wide area network architecture, high density data center deployments, cybersecurity and Voice over IP telephony. Ben has designed hundreds of complex networks for some of the largest companies in the world and he’s helped Shamrock become a top partner of the 3 largest public cloud platforms for AWS, Azure and GCP consulting. When he takes the occasional break from designing networks, he enjoys surfing, golf, working out, trying new restaurants and spending time with his wife, Linsey, his son, Weston and his dog, Hamilton.

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