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As businesses continue to compile vast amounts of data from a myriad of different sources such as in-house employees, third party apps, software programs, point-of-sale machines and connected devices, one of their primary tasks has been finding the best way to make sense of all the numbers.

Until recently, most companies have treated analytics data and BI reporting as two separate-but-related functions, with the IT department often tasked with providing the raw figures and individual departments in charge of their own reports – and then, of course, a lot of meetings between departments trying to tie these two functions together.

Domo Business Cloud is a prime example of a cloud-based tool which combines analytics, report-building and distribution into one platform. This article looks at how Domo helps businesses make better, faster decisions and how Shamrock Consulting can help integrate this new type of deployment into your company’s IT infrastructure.

What is Domo Business Cloud?

Domo Business Cloud is a type of cloud management software designed to integrate business/marketing intelligence, data analytics and report building into one customizable platform. As the name suggests, this software was created by Domo, a Utah-based software company, in 2010.

Domo works with over a thousand corporate customers including eBay, National Geographic and Sage. Their portfolio spans multiple industries including education, entertainment, finance, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, media, retail and technology. The Business Cloud is aimed at businesses of all sizes, with SMEs able to deploy it for $175 per month (paid annually).

Domo has won multiple awards, and the Business Cloud project has received over $450 million in funding from companies such as SalesForce.

The Domo Pyramid

Domo Business Cloud integrates five key data processing functions into one system, conceptualized as the Domo Pyramid. The Domo Pyramid’s 5 levels include the ‘Connect’ layer at the base and the ‘Optimize’ function at the pinnacle. The layers work together as follows:

This layer is where Domo connects to potentially hundreds of third-party apps and in-house workflows to soak up the data collected by the business. Domo integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, SalesForce and Zendesk, to name just a few compatible services.

This is where the magic happens, with data organized using various protocols including ETL, DataFlows and DataFusion. DataFusion requires no technical familiarity with SQL or ETL.

The Visualize layer uses various techniques to display the organized data. It entails a card builder which can be organized by summary number, pages and subpages, customizable Domo apps which can be sorted by role and industry, and finally, dashboards which can similarly be customized to fit a specific role, department or KPI requirement.

The Engage layer handles the sharing of reports. It includes DomoBuzz, a proprietary sharing system, and a range of distribution methods.

The topmost layer provides various alerts, data manipulation options and mobile accessibility (via iOS app or web browser).

How Domo Helps Businesses Make Smarter Choices

One of the key advantages of using Domo over traditional data processing methods is that data is available across multiple departments yet is customized to make sense to each department individually.

This is a far more productive way of working than say, sending a request to the IT department, asking them to extract the data needed and then analyzing the results and compiling reports manually. With Domo, each department can set up a customized dashboard that only displays the stats and KPIs most relevant to them.

Domo creates specialized dashboards for every department – IT, finance, marketing, sales – although any of these can be adjusted for a more tailored result.

With real-time data available throughout the company, strategies can be data-driven rather than based on predictive modeling or speculation from the sales and marketing departments, which can be inaccurate.

How Domo Enhances Corporate Data Processing

Combining business analytics with report production in a real-time data collection environment speeds up the decision-making process in a number of different ways.

First, the customizable dashboards are designed to be self-service, with employees and managers from the relevant departments able to understand the data immediately without interpretation.

As departments get used to working with Domo, they will be able to finely tune the displays to give them exactly what they need.

Where a quick decision is needed, for example, in response to a short-term trend, department managers will be more empowered to act, carrying out ad-hoc analyses and taking advantage of opportunities rather than waiting for an IT request to come back.

For many years, the meeting room has been the place where most data is interpreted, with all departments gathered together to make sense of the numbers. Now, with most of the data pre-interpreted within each department, meetings can be kept to a minimum and can also be more efficiently focused on action points and future planning.

Hosted in the cloud, Domo also enables geographically separate offices and remote workers the same instant access to necessary data.

Additional Advantages of Domo

There are several other advantages businesses can enjoy by utilizing Domo. These include reduced implementation time (the average is one to two months), the scalability that comes built into the cloud infrastructure, and a dedicated account manager and access to the Dojo, the name for the Domo community. In addition, there are various training options, from online and web-based programs to instructor-led training held either on a client’s site or in a Domo office (Utah, New York or San Francisco).

Domo also offers a free trial option.

Integrating Domo into Your Cloud or Hybrid Environment

For businesses looking to integrate Domo into their cloud or hybrid environment, Shamrock’s cloud consulting services are perfectly positioned to assist. We also specialize in cloud cost reduction so if Domo is too expensive for your needs, we will develop a solution that is customized to meet your data integration needs at a lower price.

Domo is on the forefront of the next generation of dynamic data processing, enabling multiple departments within the same company to access and interpret customized real-time data and produce smarter reports to deliver real insights.

For expert assistance and maximized cost savings with your Domo deployment, Shamrock Consulting Group is the only resource your business will ever need.

Ben Ferguson

Ben Ferguson

Ben Ferguson is the Vice President and Senior Network Architect for Shamrock Consulting Group, an industry leader in digital transformation solutions. Since his departure from Biochemical research in 2004, Ben has built core competencies around cloud direct connects and cloud cost reduction, enterprise wide area network architecture, high density data center deployments, cybersecurity and Voice over IP telephony. Ben has designed hundreds of complex networks for some of the largest companies in the world and he’s helped Shamrock become a top partner of the 3 largest public cloud platforms for AWS, Azure and GCP consulting. When he takes the occasional break from designing networks, he enjoys surfing, golf, working out, trying new restaurants and spending time with his wife, Linsey, his son, Weston and his dog, Hamilton.

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