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Maximizing ‘Work From Home’ Productivity (While Minimizing Costs)

Maximizing Work From Home Employee Productivity

As an IT leader, you’ve probably grown accustomed to having tight control over the productivity of your teams, right? Well, as the saying goes, things change. And boy, have things changed recently thanks to COVID-19.

If, like so many other businesses around the world, the Coronavirus pandemic has forced you to suddenly have to rely almost solely on remote workers, it doesn’t have to be as chaotic of an experience as it seems.

The best way to restore order and maintain a productive WFH workforce is to implement an accredited employee monitoring software, which will allow your management team to track remote employee performance in real-time via an easy-to-use dashboard.

While there are many products available to track remote employee performance, we recommend Prodoscore, a cost-effective product that can be installed same-day and offers all the tools you need to ensure that your employees are doing their jobs effectively. Many of our clients use Prodoscore today, and the feedback we’ve received from them has been overwhelmingly positive.

Before we delve into the reasons behind our endorsement of Prodoscore (and employee management software in general), let’s first get a handle on all the things we need to bring together and start measuring.

Office Suite – Core Business Operations

Whether you favor Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365, chances are your remote team will be accessing a cloud office suite on a regular basis. Every doc they edit, every email they send, every calendar appointment they make and every live chat conversation they have impacts productivity.

In order to achieve the most accurate productivity scores possible, all of the tasks managed via your SaaS office system should be included in tracking.

CRM – Customer Nurturing & Sales Conversions

The Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) is at the heart of many businesses, particularly those with strong sales teams. If your team pursues opportunities and carries out activities in Salesforce, Copper, Zoho or some other CRM system, this absolutely needs to be tracked and measured.

Telephone & Conferencing – Corporate Communications

Does your team close sales over the telephone? Do you service customers through a call center? Are your employees regularly involved in high-level conference calls?

Is a Single Score for Productivity Even Possible?

Simply put, with Prodoscore, it is absolutely possible to reflect overall productivity of your remote workers via a single score.

Retailers assess customer sentiment with the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Colleges use SAT scores for guiding enrolment decisions. Financial firms look at FICO scores to decide whether or not to lend an applicant money.

These are all simple but powerful numbers, ideal for speedy analysis and performance tracking.

With Prodoscore, every one of your team members can have their own score, whether they are at their desks, on-site or working from home.

Prodoscore uses machine learning technology and a proprietary algorithm to combine employee activity within the above tools and systems into a single, reliable productivity score for each employee.

This number can be easily tracked and, since it is assigned to individual employees, can also be used for performance management, including emergency interventions.

Why Prodoscore is the Best Employee Monitoring Software on the Market

When sourcing a productivity tracking tool in a hurry, here are the key features to look for:

Fast to install
Data rich
Easy to interpret
Packed with integrations
Well presented
Able to offer deep insights

For most businesses, Prodoscore fits the bill perfectly to support their remote workforce.

Prodoscore is easy to install (and can be implemented same-day), and their support team is very helpful with onboarding if you need it. Once installed, Prodoscore begins recording near real-time team performance data in minutes.

How Does Prodoscore Work?

Prodoscore taps into thousands of individual data points from your different cloud-based systems and translates them into one overall score.

We all know that time is precious, and a single productivity score can help you compare performance over time and across all employees almost instantaneously. Remember, not every statistic is created equal. The most important things you can do as a manager is monitor trends, identify weak links in your chain and make the necessary revisions through targeted interventions (e.g. team motivation, coaching, etc.). Prodoscore is perfect for these purposes, with many customers seeing productivity levels soar by as much as 30% while using the tool.

Is Prodoscore Just a Short-Term Solution?

Let’s be honest: when employees know that their every move is being tracked, an uptick in productivity in the short term is rightfully expected. But where Prodoscore really shines is in its ability to empower both managers and employees to adopt better working habits permanently.

Prodoscore offers a ton of useful integrations with your current business platforms and productivity tolls, so you can keep all of the things that your team is already familiar with in place. And, everything can be seamlessly integrated into the Prodoscore dashboard with just a few clicks. Prodoscore is compatible with G Suite and Office 365, with CRMs like Salesforce, Zoho and Copper, and with RingCentral and Vonage phone systems and the TurboBridge conference calling hub.

The intuitive Prodoscore dashboard makes use of familiar app icons and eye-catching charts and graphs to help managers easily view how much time their teams are spending on different apps and systems, and how efficient they are within these apps.

By clicking on individual employees and activities, Prodoscore reveals more in-depth data, which can be useful if further investigation into a specific employee is necessary.

This deep dive data includes a summary of every email sent, records of lines edited on a shared doc, time spent on calls and in web-conferences, invoices generated, business opportunities followed up, deals closed and more.

All of this information can be accessed by admins through a single pane of glass, simplifying the task of tracking productivity at a time when everything else seems complicated and uncertain.

Need Help? Shamrock’s Got Your Back

IT challenges are inherently complicated, and perhaps even more so now than ever. The unexpected mass shift to remote working has caught many businesses unprepared, but that doesn’t have to be you.

The experts at Shamrock can help you decide which employee management software is right for your business (even if it isn’t Prodoscore). We’ll show you the entire market of options, talk through the pros and cons of each, and we’ll even assist with contract negotiations and implementation…all free of charge!

Ryan Reeves

Ryan Reeves

Ryan Reeves is the Director of Marketing and Customer Success for Shamrock Consulting Group, and he is also an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. Ryan brings a unique perspective and skill set to the technology industry after spending the first 10 years of his career working with some of most innovative media and entertainment brands in the world. His versatility has been vital in establishing Shamrock as an award-winning industry leader and industry disruptor. In his free time, Ryan likes to snowboard, play soccer and basketball, and travel with his lovely wife, Lucy.

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