SSE vs. SASE: What’s the Difference?

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SASE suits those who wish to simplify network security for remote workers, while SSE reflects the preference for different solutions.

SD-WAN vs. SASE: The Right Choice to Protect Your Business

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In the last few years, many businesses have had to rely on SD-WAN solutions, and while SASE is relatively new to the playing field, it’s found its place among remote workers.

Rapid7’s Acquisition of IntSights and Why Threat Intel and XDR Need to Be in The Same Swim Lane

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When it comes to interacting through web portals or conducting business online, security should be your main priority.

Comprehensive Web Program Safety Via Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

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In the realm of the internet and computer systems, security is just as important as any other consideration. Not only do users and companies store important information within their infrastructures,

What CrowdStrike’s Acquisitions Of Humio, SecureCircle, And Preempt Mean For The Future Of Nextgen Security

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As a giant in the world of cybersecurity and the industry that revolves around keeping personal and business data safe, CrowdStrike has made waves in the past few years.

Superseded Patches & Vulnerability Scanner False Positives

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Much like patching up a hole in your favorite pair of jeans, even your computer systems and software occasionally need assistance to cover up a flaw or bugged access point.

Zero-Day Vulnerability: How to Protect Yourself and Minimize Exposure Windows After Patches Are Issued

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In the world of tech and computer systems, things are not always as secure as they seem.

Static Code Analysis

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Static analysis helps development teams that are under pressure. Quality releases needed to be delivered on time. Coding and compliance standards need to be met. And mistakes are not an option.

Understanding CVE’s & CWE’s

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CVE is the common acronym for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures. This deals with the specific instance within a product or system and not the vulnerability itself. CVE can be best understood as a glossary for the classification of vulnerabilities.

The Basics of XDR Explained

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Gartner defines XDR as “a SaaS-based, vendor-specific, security threat detection and incident response tool that natively integrates multiple security products into a cohesive security operations system.”
cybersecurity trends

Your One-Stop Guide to Cyber Security Trends and Challenges

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Let's delve further into the issue and discuss the emerging trends and challenges in cyber security.
types of password attack

Know Thy Enemy – Most Common Types of Malware & Password Attacks

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Malware and web-based attacks comprise some of the most damaging and expensive attacks with companies spending an average of US $2.4 million in defence.
Cyber Threats

Common Types of Cyber Threats with Examples (Part 2)

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In this post, we will delve deeper into the most common types of cyber security threats with relevant examples so you can easily identify the most common types of attack.
Cyber Threats

Cyber Threats: Everything you Need to Know About Cybersecurity (Part I)

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Cybersecurity threats can virtually come from anywhere with basic level threats, such as, generic phishing emails, to highly sophisticated and targeted attacks that may use cutting edge technologies, such as AI and ML.
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Shamrock Consulting Group receives ‘A’ rating from Security Scorecard

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We are proud to announce that Shamrock Consulting Group has been assigned an A rating from Security Scorecard. The rating serves as recognition for companies that are leading the way in keeping data, infrastructure, and people safe in the wake of a growing spate of attacks from cybercriminals.
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The New Breed of Cybersecurity Threats

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Cybersecurity experts alarmingly believe that the worst is yet to come in the form of attacks utilizing the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning. And, without cybersecurity protocols, the average business needs to protect themselves.
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AWS SageMaker vs. Amazon Machine Learning

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SageMaker & Amazon Machine Learning are available to the masses as completely Amazon-hosted ML platforms with similar structures yet a varied range of specific applications, suited for different user bases and overall usage.
TPN Thumbnail

Trusted Partner Network (TPN): Battling Illegal Streaming

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The TPN’s goal is to raise security awareness, preparedness, and capabilities within the industry, primarily focusing on the growing number of third-party vendors now involved in the content production process.

CPRA: A New Era of Consumer Data Privacy and Transparency

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The CPRA is an addendum to the existing CCPA law that expands upon its provisions, clears up ambiguous passages, adds technical regulations for all web traffic, and puts up new securities for all consumers throughout their digital journeys in California.

AI imbued Contact Centers: The incredible path forward

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Businesses are starting to understand that an investment in AI to ensure great customer service not only benefits the overall customer experience, but also holds immense potential for business intelligence and streamlining processes.

In the Eye of the Storm – The Story of the SolarWinds Hack as it Unfolds

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Without FireEye discovering that its defenses had been breached and launching an investigation, the SolarWinds global intrusion attack may have continued undetected for weeks, if not months, more.

Azure Active Directory vs. Okta Workforce Identity

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Having a foolproof access management solution in place is key to seamless day-to-day operations and user experience for your business.
data center trends

Predicting Data Center Trends for 2021

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Are you looking to increase the efficiency of your data center management? At Shamrock, we are award-winning data center consultants who can provide you with unbiased analysis and industry-leading design.

How to Get Started with Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is the most integrated, highly comprehensive bundle of MS Office apps to date. Find everything about Microsoft Teams with licensing basics, key features, how to choose the right vendor & more!

Vulnerability Scanning: Are you Fighting Blind?

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The WFH revolution has forced many companies to rethink their security posture. With this in mind, we take a look at some timely security solutions which can achieve real-time visibility into all aspects of any corporate network, even reaching the most remotely deployed endpoints.

2020 Enterprise IT Budgets: Tactical Cost Reduction Strategies

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A high-level breakdown of our most recent webinar on 2020 Enterprise IT Budgets. We highlight the primary challenges faced by IT & Finance leaders trying to maintain control over IT expenditures, and offer immediately actionable strategies for tactical cost reduction.

The Most Tactful Ways to Reduce Your IT Spend

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Getting on top of (and staying on top of) IT expenditures is a widespread challenge for many businesses big and small. In this article, we’ll look at the most common issues surrounding IT cost management and also delve into how best to overcome these issues to tactfully reduce your IT costs.

10 Reasons Why IT Leaders Love CrowdStrike Endpoint Protection

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With remote operations now in full swing across the globe, IT leaders are finding out just how much of a security risk end users (and their endpoint devices) are to their enterprise networks. But don’t worry – we found the perfect endpoint protection solution: CrowdStrike. Read on and see why so many businesses are smitten…

UCaaS & CCaaS: Finding the Right Platform for Your Remote Workforce

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UCaaS and CCaaS platforms are everywhere these days, poised to take advantage of a now-remote working world. But with hundreds of vendors and thousands of features and configurations to choose from, how does one decipher what’s best for their business? We created a handy guide to help.

Endpoints: The New Front Line in the Battle Between Good & Evil

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With the majority of the global workforce now remote, endpoints have become the new front lines in the battle between good and evil. We’ll detail new methodologies that hackers are using to target your network, plus the weapons that enterprise IT teams can use to protect against them.

Everything You Need to Know About Pentests and Why You Should be Running Yours Right Now!

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Find out why pentesting is far more effective than vulnerability scans, how often you should be pentesting (and why right now is a great time), and how to choose the best partner to carry out the evaluation process.
moving to a cloud based opex

How to Move from CapEx to Cloud-Based OpEx (and Save Money!)

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“Tactical cost reduction” is a favorite concept for any CFO, but the road to ROI starts with your IT team. We’ll explain how just a few changes to your network architecture can help your company transition from a CapEx model to OpEx and save a ton of money in the process.
Who Tried to Hack the WHO and the HHS?

Who Tried to Hack the WHO and the HHS? An Investigation

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We investigated the attempted hacks on WHO and HHS to uncover who might be responsible, how hackers are changing their methods during COVID-19, and what other businesses can learn from these attempts to better protect themselves from intrusion.

Maximizing ‘Work From Home’ Productivity (While Minimizing Costs)

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For IT leaders and company stakeholders looking to restore some order and maintain a productive WFH workforce, the best way to achieve this is to implement employee monitoring software. We’ll detail all the benefits of such software, including which vendor does it best.

Implementing Zero Trust Security Posture (In a Hurry)

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If you’re an IT leader and you’re not implementing a zero trust network to secure your remote users AND your network as a whole, you’re in for a world of hurt. Find out what zero trust is, why it works and which one you should get.

Why Distributed Cloud-Based Security has Never Been More Important

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Remember when working from home was an employee option, not a company mandate? That’s the new reality for millions of global workers amid the chaos of COVID-19. Here’s how distributed cloud-based security can keep your company’s network both agile and secure in these uncertain times.
On-Premise PBX

Hidden Costs & Complexities of On-Prem PBX Integration with Cloud-Based SaaS Platforms

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Think you can save money by simply mirroring all features & functionalities of a cloud-based UC system via an on-prem deployment? Don’t. We’ll reveal why a misunderstanding of such magnitude is bound to cost you.

The Hidden Costs of Maintaining an On Premise PBX

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Considering an on-prem PBX for your business? Here’s how the potential pitfalls could outweigh the benefits and why a Hosted or UCaaS solution might make more sense.

CIO Review Awarded Shamrock as “20 Most Promising AWS Solution Providers” for 2019

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We are proud to announce that Shamrock has been recognized by CIO Review at one of the “20 Most Promising AWS Solution Providers” for 2019! Check out the article on how our AWS solutions are changing the game for IT decision makers around the globe.

The Unstoppable Modern Hacks (and How to Stop Them)

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Establishing an airtight security posture is one of – if not the most important thing an IT leader can do, and it all starts with knowing what kind of threats to look out for. Here are five of the most common ways cybercriminals navigate around or through company defenses and into their networks, and also…
What is Secure Access Service Edge?

Preparing for the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Revolution

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As IoT, Agile DevOps, enterprise SaaS and the mobile workforce all continue to grow in size and utilization, there is an increasing need for ways to process data quickly, with low latency, at the edge of the cloud. How can this be achieved? Through SASE, of course. Find out what SASE is, how it works,…
CCPA Compliance 2019

Complete Guide for CCPA Compliance

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The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will go into effect on January 1st, 2020. Is your business doing all the right things to ensure compliance? Find out in our Complete Guide for CCPA Compliance.

Mobile Endpoint Threats: Is Your Business Protected?

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Few business owners think about endpoint security as often as they should. We’ll show you how to improve your company’s endpoint security posture (an absolute must) by illustrating the types of threats that could be lurking outside your network, looking for a way in.

How Data Lakes are Advancing Threat Hunting

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Join us as we dive into how data lakes differ from other data repositories (i.e. data warehouses), what challenges threat hunters currently face and how the next-gen SIEM, together with data lakes, is advancing the field as a whole.

Your SD-WAN Solution is Not Secure!

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SD-WAN can help future-fit your network and offer aggressive cost efficiencies via reduced transport costs, but not all providers are created equal. Before you make any decisions regarding SD-WAN, be sure to read this article on SD-WAN security and the dangers that lurk beneath standalone management and SSL decryption promises.

Kroger, Albertsons and Walgreens Join Walmart and Gap as Microsoft Azure Partners

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On the battlefield of the Great Cloud Wars, every warrior needs a weapon of choice. Azure’s choice is retail industry, and with the recent additions of Kroger, Albertsons and Walgreens, they’ve continued to build one heck of a weaponized machine. Join us as we break down Azure’s latest moves.
cio review 2019 cloud solutions provider

CIO Review 2019: Top 20 Cloud Solution Providers Shamrock Consulting

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Shamrock is humbled and honored to be recognized by CIO Review as one of the top 20 Cloud Solution Providers for the second year in a row! Check out CIO Review’s article on how our new Shamrock Cloud Cost tool will revolutionize the way companies manage their costs in the cloud.

Vertical Spotlight: How Azure is Helping to Reinvent Retail

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Microsoft Azure is attempting to reinvent the way retail companies do business, and they’ve created an impressive list of retail-specific tools to make it happen. Shamrock executive Ben Ferguson breaks down the factors behind this Microsoft’s mutual affinity with retailers, plus why Azure isn’t necessarily a no-brainer for the latter.

How Microsoft Azure Can Help Your Business Beat the Competition

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There’s a lot of talk about Amazon and Google taking over the cloud computing scene with AWS and GCP, respectively, but it’s time to give Microsoft Azure a little love, too. Join us as we take a look some of the unique strengths that Azure can bring to your business.
How To Choose Right Data Center Location

How to Choose the Right Data Center Location

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Don’t want to end up with a deadbeat data center? A bad one can suck the life out of your business, and that just sucks. Don’t worry, we’ll help you pick one that’s perfect for your business.

Key Considerations Before a Cloud Migration

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Considering a cloud migration for your business? Very savvy move, Kemosabe. But be careful: it’s a complex process and the devil is in the details. Shamrock’s migration playbook will help ensure you don’t miss any important during your voyage to the cloud.

How Long Does a Cloud Migration Actually Take?

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While there’s no definitive answer to the question, “How long will my cloud migration take?”, the experts at Shamrock give you real-world examples to help define your expectations as well as some key rules of thumb and critical factors to help make your company’s cloud migration a seamlessly successful process.

The 4-Step Pathway for an AWS Cloud Migration

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To achieve a successful cloud migration for your business, there are a list of important steps that you need to take. We’ll walk you through every step so you can be confident that you’re following the correct pathway to the cloud.

Should you Take That SOC Role?

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This article looks at four different types of SOC, how you can identify them and whether you are likely to thrive there. These offer a way to simplify your choice when it comes to whether to respond to a job advertisement.

5 Considerations When Evaluating SD-WAN Architecture

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5 key considerations that every IT decision maker needs to take into account when evaluating SD-WAN vendors and deployment options for your business.
aws management tools features

AWS Feature Spotlight: Management Tools Every Admin Should Know

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Join Shamrock as we review the four most useful AWS management tools that every admin should know and take advantage of in order to maximize the benefits of AWS.

The Ultimate Guide to Bandwidth Capacity Planning

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Bandwidth Capacity Planning should be a central part of any business strategy. This isn’t a guide to convince you to buy more than you need; this is a guide to help you buy and plan efficiently without wasting money.

Deploying Your Own Web Applications With AWS

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In the following guide, we’ll walk you through the entire process of configuring your application and setting up an environment on AWS so you can quickly and easily get your creation in front of the people who want to use it.

Moving Away from Centralized MPLS to Distributed SD WAN

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How do companies successfully switch from centralized MPLS to distributed SD WAN? Shamrock explores why companies are making the move, how to choose the right SD WAN vendor, proper security setup and more.

Skype for Business Server 2019: Features for Commercial Clients

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With Microsoft continuing to push the development of its Teams platform, there has been a lot of interest in what features the 2019 update for Skype for Business (SfB) Server would include. This article highlights key features released by SfB in 2019.
Setting Up AWS

How to Build, Configure and Administrate Web and Cloud Services Using AWS

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Key things to consider when building, configuring, managing and monitoring applications on AWS.

Key Concepts of AWS Identity & Access Management (IAM)

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Not sure how to use AWS IAM yet? No sweat. We’ll walk you through the entire process of securing access to your AWS account with IAM – including defining key terms, authorization vs. authentication, federating users and more.

Key Technical Benefits of Amazon Web Services

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Still trying to decide which cloud provider is best for your business? AWS is a great place to start because it’s the easiest cloud to adopt and grow with. Join us as we detail all the important benefits that AWS provides.
cloud migration strategy

Going Cloud Native: Is it the Right Strategy for Your Business?

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For any enterprise business, the decision to go cloud native can be daunting. This is especially true for established companies with a lot of legacy applications. In this guide, we’ll outline the strategies and steps that IT leaders can take to ensure that the process of going cloud native is a successful one.

Google Cloud Platform VPN Configuration: A Walkthrough

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Shamrock’s top cloud solutions architect walks you through the entire process of configuring a Google Cloud VPN (via GCP Dedicated Interconnect) from your office to any location in the world.

Configure ExpressRoute: Accessing Office 365 & Connecting Azure VPN

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We’ll walk you through the entire process step-by-step, from setting up and provisioning an ExpressRoute circuit to configuring Microsoft and/or private peering. This article will focus on using the Azure portal.

Microservices: What They Are and Why Big Businesses Love the Advantages They Provide

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We explore what microservices are, why big businesses are adopting them, and what advantages switching to a microservices architecture brings to your business. When big players such as Amazon, Netflix, Ebay, Twitter and PayPal start making radical changes to their technology infrastructure, it’s worth wondering: What the heck do they know that we don’t?


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To help CTOs, CIOs, and CEOs zero in on the best providers, CIOReview assembled a distinguished panel to select an exclusive list of cloud solution providers that best demonstrate innovation in the cloud space. Shamrock Consulting Group has been recognized by CIO Review as one of the Top 20 Most Promising Cloud Solution Providers of…

Cloud Storage Wars: AWS, Azure, GCP – Who’s the Best?

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As things stand today, Amazon’s AWS platform is the overall market leader for public cloud services, however Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform are both growing fast, offering more services and expanding their regions as they seek to gain – or keep – their precious traction. As the differences between these three services continue to…

Shamrock & Google Come Together to Talk Cloud Computing

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Venice, CA (June 26, 2018) – In anticipation of this afternoon’s Google event announcing the arrival of its long-awaited Los Angeles data center, Shamrock Consulting Group partnered with Google to host a breakfast event highlighting the many benefits for migrating to the cloud with Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Join Shamrock at Google Cloud’s New LA Region Launch Event

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On June 26th, Google will be unveiling their new cloud region in Los Angeles, and the Shamrock team will be showing up in force to celebrate. Be sure to ping your point of contact at Shamrock Or, register now. We’d love to see you there!

Shamrock Google Venice Event 22nd June

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SHAMROCK @ GOOGLE A morning of Cloud Computing, Process Automation, Machine Learning, IOPS, GPU's and more! Friday, June 22, 2018 340 Main St, Venice, CA 9029 From 9am-12pm (Breakfast Served)

Containers Are Cool, But Let’s Talk About Serverless Functions

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Once upon a time, virtualized containers came on the scene and completely changed the compute game. Flash forward to 2018, and serverless computing is the new kid on the block. Haven’t been brought up to speed yet on the new hotness that is containers and serverless computing? No worries. We’re here to lay it all…

Insight Success: Shamrock Consulting Group: The 10 Most Innovative Telecom Solution Providers 2018

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While the outside world may see telecom as a rapidly changing and evolving industry, Shamrock Consulting Group can’t help but notice how slowly many elements of the industry are moving. The extremely high barriers to entry have hindered new providers’ ability to come in and compete with the big players. On the contrary, though, new…

How to Improve Your Microsoft Azure SLA with ExpressRoute

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So you’ve made it to the cloud – bravo! If you’re reading this blog (thanks, by the way), chances are that you’ve probably decided on Azure as your gateway to the cloud. Whether it was the reduced cloud/licensing bundles that got you, the comfort of the Microsoft ecosystem, their overall aggressive pricing, or just a…

CP360 Spotlight: Shamrock Consulting Group Wins Channel Partner Award 2018

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Succeeding in today’s rapidly evolving channel increasingly requires thinking outside the box, and going above and beyond the norm. During the Channel Partners Conference & Expo, April 17-20, in Las Vegas, three winners of the 2018 Channel Partners 360° Business Value Awards – Infinit Consulting, LanYap Networks and Shamrock Consulting Group – will provide an inside look at the projects that earned them…

Shamrock Consulting Group Announces Groundbreaking Partnership With Blue Street Capital

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A first-of-its-kind partnership for financing Cloud Reserved Instances El Segundo, CA, May 9, 2018– Shamrock Consulting Group is thrilled to announce a first-of-its-kind partnership with Blue Street Capital, a market leader in technology financing. The partnership will provide financing for Cloud Reserved Instances, giving medium and large enterprises incredible financial flexibility with regards to migrating…

Best Practices for Migrating Workloads to the Cloud

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There is simply no getting around it. Change is upon us. The great cloud migration is here. The costs of maintaining on-premise computing infrastructure is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to justify and, by 2019, it’s expected that 50% of enterprises will be in the cloud. But such migrations come with plenty of complications. Migrating…

Shamrock Consulting Group Announces Reserved Instance Financing Partnership

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Shamrock Consulting Group launches groundbreaking campaign with Blue Street Capital to help clients finance large Reserved Instance (RI) purchases on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure Unless you’re Rip Van Winkle and have been sleeping for the last 20 years, I’m about to tell you something you already know – companies of all sizes are…

Why Public Cloud Reserved Instances Will Decimate the Private Cloud Industry

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Cisco. Hewlett-Packard. Rackspace. Verizon. CenturyLink. AT&T. VMware. One-by-one, Amazon Web Services has systematically snuffed out the hosted hyperscale compute competition in recent years, carving out its place at the head of the proverbial public cloud table. After their swift defeat, the laundry list of companies mentioned above went back to their core businesses, and many…