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Rapid7’s Acquisition of IntSights and Why Threat Intel and XDR Need to Be in The Same Swim Lane

When it comes to interacting through web portals or conducting business online, security should be your main priority. It’s shockingly easy for someone with malicious intentions and the proper malware to gain access to confidential information or company data, so safety is key.

To achieve this, both threat intelligence and data analysis protection are among the best options for safeguarding your online interactions. And that’s something that both Rapid7 and IntSights— two leaders in threat intel and detection— understand completely as they join forces to give you the cybersecurity you need.

So, how can threat intelligence be even more tailored to your business’s security solutions?

The answer to that lies in detection and response, and how Rapid7 is planning on combining them in the same group. If you want more information on the topic, keep on reading!

Rapid7’s Acquisition of IntSights

There seems to be no end in sight for the number of security breaches and cyberattacks that occur online. As fast as new protections and patch updates become available, hackers and malware can match their efforts, be it targeted against users and passwords, personal data, or even government information files.

And to counter this reality, the entire global market that provides cybersecurity and data protection is expected to expand exponentially in the near future.

Experts project growth in the cybersecurity market to go from $152.71 billion in USD to $248.26 billion by 2023. That’s an increase of 10.2% annually, or $95.55 billion in total!

Enter Rapid7, a highly successful data security solutions company that specializes in analytics and vulnerability management, and its crusade to change the world of cyber safety.

Rapid7 has long been a go-to resource for security services for online business interactions and applications, and in recent years, the company has begun to expand its reach and capabilities even further by joining forces with additional threat intelligence companies, such as IntSights.

By acquiring IntSights in 2021, Rapid7 can meld its threat technologies with detection and remediation for a full customer protection package. This deal has been revealed to cost Rapid7 $355 million and brings IntSights’ state-of-the-art cyber threat intelligence platform into the fold.

However, the popularity of IntSights previous to this merger was not to be taken lightly, as the company had raised over $71 million in capital by dealing with a variety of other tech corporations and retail clients eager to protect their data, from Blumberg Capital to American Eagle Outfitters.

Thus, adding IntSights to Rapid7’s corporate roster will only increase profitability and innovations. In fact, Rapid7 has already announced some impressive second-quarter results for 2021— enjoying a 29% rise in annual revenue and further customer growth of 13%. IntSights’ inclusion is only going to make this expand faster!

Threat Intel

But what is so special about IntSights and its new parent organization, Rapid7?

The answer lies in the importance of cyber threat intelligence services and how they can overhaul your cybersecurity setup for the ultimate protection from external attacks, exploitation, and the risk of malware.

Let’s go over some of the key aspects of what IntSights brings to the table in terms of threat intel and why it is so essential in the modern era of internet usage and cybersecurity.

What Is Threat Intelligence?

To begin, it’s important to know exactly what we are talking about when using the term “threat intelligence”. In general, this service provides in-depth and evidence-based information about the level of vulnerability and threats that revolve around data, cybersecurity, and a cloud security solution.

For companies in need of assistance, threat intelligence is the knowledge of how risky your setup is and how to fix it, by assessing the context, implications, and suggesting action-centered advice about mitigating or preventing hazards

Why Is Threat Intelligence Important?

Simply put, if you don’t know the risk that your data is at, you cannot sufficiently protect it.

That’s where threat intelligence cyber security comes into play— where threat actors like hackers and cybercriminals roam freely, threat intelligence can point out the weak points in your data security systems.

Additionally, threat intelligence solutions are actionable, meaning that the information is accurate, timely, and easily applied to your cybersecurity considerations. Virtually everyone— and certainly every corporation— in the world can benefit from the use of a threat intelligence platform.

Why Threat Intel and XDR Need to Be in The Same Swim Lane

Threat intelligence is widely used by a variety of organizations and business types. Indeed, top global security corporations subscribed to so many external threat intelligence services that the overall sector grew by 75% in 2020.

And while threat intelligence is key to understanding and taking action upon vulnerabilities or flaws in your cybersecurity network, it works best when paired with a proactive system of scanning and response such as XDR, or extended detection and response.

In essence, a threat intelligence platform should work in conjunction with an XDR approach of continuous visibility and detection, providing the information needed for the XDR system to integrate change into your security setup.

And as such, threat intel and XDR services are not to be viewed as substitutable entities, but as a conjoined force to better protect your data and streamline user access to privileged information. Plus, by using these products together, companies can look forward to savings on their cloud cost management in the long run.

Because these programs should work together, that’s exactly what the Rapid7 and IntSight amalgamation of services can provide to users.

The combination of threat intelligence and XDR’s vulnerability scanning and management are revolutionizing the world of cybersecurity and active detection in the best way possible!


Staying safe and sound is not just a good adage for your personal life, but also your business transactions and online interactions with people and web applications alike.

And because of the prevalence of dangers in an online space, and our private and corporate dependence on digitally stored data, it can be a perfect storm for attracting malware and cyberattacks.

However, the risk can be greatly mitigated by employing the right types of threat intelligence, paired with actionable extended detection and response services, as provided by the recent merger of threat intelligence companies Rapid7 and IntSights.

Ben Ferguson

Ben Ferguson

Ben Ferguson is the Vice President and Senior Network Architect for Shamrock Consulting Group, an industry leader in digital transformation solutions. Since his departure from Biochemical research in 2004, Ben has built core competencies around cloud direct connects and cloud cost reduction, enterprise wide area network architecture, high density data center deployments, cybersecurity and Voice over IP telephony. Ben has designed hundreds of complex networks for some of the largest companies in the world and he’s helped Shamrock become a top partner of the 3 largest public cloud platforms for AWS, Azure and GCP consulting. When he takes the occasional break from designing networks, he enjoys surfing, golf, working out, trying new restaurants and spending time with his wife, Linsey, his son, Weston and his dog, Hamilton.

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