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Skype for Business Server 2019: Features for Commercial Clients

With Microsoft continuing to push the development of its Teams platform, there has been a lot of interest in what features SFB – Skype for Business server updates would include.

The 2019 update has now landed and the Shamrock Consulting Group can confirm the new features commercial Skype users can enjoy and also what has been removed.

We will also briefly summarize the full range of services now on offer (and how Shamrock can help make sure you’re getting the best ROI for your telephony usage.

3 New Skype for Business Server Features

Skype Cloud Voicemail & Cloud Auto Attendant

Sfb server 2019 users will get access to Cloud Voicemail and Cloud Auto Attendant, with both on-premise and remote users able to access the services via their Outlook, Teams or SfB clients. To manage their Cloud Voicemail options, users can use the web portal. For those still using Exchange 2013 or 2016, Exchange UM will still be available.

Skype Call Data Connector

A second brand new feature is Call Data Connector, a hybrid call monitoring feature that takes out the need for different on-premise and online monitoring tools. Through one pane of glass you will now be able to monitor UX and troubleshoot call quality across SfB Online, SfB Business Server and Teams. You can also assign a Call Analytics role to delegate monitoring to those taking the calls.

Migrate Microsoft Teams

One question businesses have been asking is whether there’s any point in upgrading to Skype for business server 2019 if everything will eventually be moving to the cloud with Teams. Well, apart from the fact that SfB Server 2015 won’t be getting any more on-prem updates – and won’t be supported at all after 2020 – Microsoft have also added a feature to make it easier to migrate to Teams.

So that’s what’s new in SfB Server 2019, now for what they’ve ditched.

Which Features are out?

As with building applications and web services for the cloud, configuration of those services will depend on the architecture your enterprise wants to use.

As an example, take a customer-facing website. A static website with infrequent updates may only require an AWS S3 storage bucket configured for web hosting. A more dynamic, frequently edited website with low need for scalability might be best suited to the AWS Lightsail platform. On the other hand, a complex website that needs full scalability is best run on an EC2 instance and configured via the AWS Management Console. Automated configuration is available via the AWS OpsWorks service which utilizes the Chef automation platform.

SfB Server 2019 Feature Summary

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Take Advantage of Shamrock’s Industry Expertise

We can even help small businesses to sign up for SfB when they have been previously blocked from doing so. For a fully bespoke and seamlessly managed Skype for Business environment, contact Shamrock today.

At Shamrock. we are available to help you with all your enterprise telephony needs. This includes selecting the most cost-effective enterprise licensing type, auditing existing bills, creating a phone number inventory, building out call trees and more.

Jay Carvin

Jay Carvin

Jay Carvin brings over 8 years of industry experience as Shamrock’s Director of Sales. His mission is to provide Shamrock clients with the expertise and resources they need to drive their business forward while saving them time and money. From pricing & legal language negotiation to innovative network design, Jay’s expertise has been invaluable for helping our clients get the most bang for their buck. Prior to coming on board with Shamrock in 2016, Jay drove high-value sales for Level 3, TW Telecom, Cogent, and several other service providers in the medium & enterprise space. Away from work, Jay enjoys traveling, camping, and going to music shows.

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