Exploring VPN Security Vulnerabilities

(featuring a Live VPN hack!)

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“A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers Study projects that 89% of companies will have the majority of their workforce working remote at least multiple days per week in 2021”
Source: PwC – “US Remote Work Survey” June 25th, 2020

As millions of people continue working remotely — and with the expectation that both companies and employees will continue to champion remote operations for the future – it is now more important than ever for IT leaders to solidify all remote endpoints to ensure the security of their organization.

The problem? A traditional VPN – used by many organizations for routing a remote device’s internet connection through a private server vs. an ISP – is easily hackable and has become a growing favorite for cybercriminals to exploit, which if successful could allow them full access to your entire corporate network.

Join us as we explore the inherent security vulnerabilities tied to a traditional VPN (including a live VPN hack to show just how easy it is), then discuss much more secure options such as AppGate SDP.

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Ryan Reeves

Director of Customer Success

Ben Ferguson

Ben Ferguson

Executive Vice President

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VP Cybersecurity, AppGate