Upcoming Webinars

Laptops, VPNs, PCoIP & VDI… Oh My! | Thursday, August 19th, 10AM PST / 1PM EST

Please join us for an interactive session with distinguished thought leaders to assure your end users the best possible experience and find problems with surgical precision with Catchpoint’s advanced Digital Experience Monitoring Platform.

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On-demand Webinars (free access)

M+E in the Cloud | Wednesday, February 24th, 11AM Pacific Time

Please join us for an interactive session with distinguished thought leaders in the media and entertainment space, as they discuss how the technology of today and tomorrow are powering new cloudy capabilities in production, post production, and virtual effects.

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Exploring VPN Security Vulnerabilities (featuring a Live VPN hack!)

Join us as we explore the inherent security vulnerabilities tied to a traditional VPN (including a live VPN hack to show just how easy it is), then discuss much more secure options such as AppGate SDP.

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2020 Security Transformation and Live Hacking Demo

In this installment of Shamrock’s ONE-20-THREE Webinar Series, we will be providing imperative and up-to-date information on the state of cybercrime, how hackers are attacking, and immediately actionable strategies to tactically secure your organization.

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Shamrock & Prodoscore Presents Employee Productivity Webinar

As companies around the world begin phasing WFH employees back to the office, IT leaders will bear the burden of helping management maintain peak productivity across their workforce.

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IT Budget: Tactical Cost Reduction Strategies for Financial Leaders

2020 has brought some unique business challenges to enterprise financial leaders around the globe, as many have been faced with mission-critical changes to their budgets to align with reduced revenue forecasts, reduced headcount, and uncertain futures.

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